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BLUE WATER PLANTS was established in 2012, in Vimercate (MB), thanks to the knowhow of a group of technicians and designers who are experts in the field of vacuum evaporators and concentrators.

The company is specialized in designing, building and assistance for vacuum evaporators and concentrators: the aim is to provide customers with a customised solution for treating waste water from various industrial sectors.


BLUE WATER PLANTS’ main strong point is customer assistance.

Our highly specialized technical team follows customers when designing begins, identifying the concentrator model to apply by analyzing the objectives required by the system, the liquid to treat and the best materials for building the machine.


The application sectors for BLUE WATER PLANTS’ machines are all industrial sectors that discard aqueous solutions with the aim of:

  • Recovering the costly raw materials and demineralised water
  • Concentrating the waste to lower disposal costs



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